2.21.1 The outcome of a swimming bet is based on the first published official results. If a competition has to be reduced in duration or interrupted due to adverse weather conditions, bets will be settled according to the published official results.

2.21.2 If a swimming competition is officially postponed or suspended, all bets related will remain valid if the match is completed by midnight on the third day. In case of betting on partial results or other events related to competitions, the bet is still valid when the specific market outcome has been already determined, even if at a later point the event is suspended or cancelled.

2.21.3 If one or more swimmers retire before the start of a competition, all bets related to their performance will be void.

2.21.4 Market types

  • Winner

You have to predict the swimmer who will be the winner of the competition.

  • Podium

You have to predict that the selected swimmer will reach the podium (1st, 2nd or 3rd position).

  • Head to Head

You have to predict which of the two swimmers specified in the bet will get the best placement in the event.